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2008-03-24Compal Electronics introduces Ares HCP system for globalization control

Compal Electronics decided to introduce the HCP (Human Capital Planner) system of Ares International Corporation to push system restructuring and globalization control at the end of 2007, with designing in process now underway.

The Kunshan-based subsidiary of Compal in China, established in 1996, is the most major production base of Compal globally. Since the original information system at the base can only satisfy simple management control such as salary system and file management, Compal needs a system that can meet various application demands such as differentiation management, business data intelligence analysis and global collaboration. By such, the company’s HR department can save much labor and time in daily routine such as employee attendance, employee analysis statistics, educational training, salary accounting maintenance. As a result, Compal has decided to introduce the HCP system by Ares to promote system restructuring and globalization control.

New developments of an enterprise require a change from the relatively out-of-date human capital system control and improvement in management efficiency. Ares HCP system realizes three levels of functions: operative, strategic and management, creating new values for the enterprise via effectively simplifying the burdensome attendance evaluation and salary calculation operations of the HR department while focusing on internal human capital strategic deployments.

After Compal officially introduces the HCP system, the project will become a total solution of human capital management. The HCP system uses the world’s most popular large-scale database: Oracle Database. The strict MD5 database encoding can protect the most sensitive data of the enterprise. The system also offers daily management alerts. Besides providing basic functions such as HRM (organization, salary, attendance) and HRD (recruitment, function, training), the HCP system also offers the ESS (Employee Self-Service), as required by the new-generation eHR, MD (Manager Desk), BIS high-end strategic decision system and the highly-efficient API (Application Interface) for systems such as enterprise ERP, BPM and can be integrated with on-line learning, on-line recruitment and KM (Knowledge Management system). Therefore, the system can help improving the overall competitiveness of the HR department and enterprise operations.

Ares HCP system supports multi-language, multi-structure, multi-currency, multi-insurance system and multi-tax policy. As well, the HCP system is especially suited for the large-scope manufacturing conglomerate such as Compal. Besides setting default parameters, the system can define ways of processing without the need to modify programming to cater to the needs of enterprise growths. In addition, the enterprise can choose 2-Tier or 3-Tier type for its global human capital operation model. After the new HCP system is on board, the enterprise process flow will be much more disciplined. HR staff will no longer need to spend much time on various daily chores, nor will they need to work overtime for calculating tens of thousands of salary items-the system requires only half a day in finishing the calculation. The spared time can be used on more valuable analytical tasks such as human capital planning, employee educational training, employee welfare and enterprise manpower. Moreover, the BI (Business Intelligence) system can efficiently analyze data for enterprise managers and HR staff, reflect enterprise manpower data and raise operational management level.

Besides assisting Compal in rapidly constructing HCP system at its Kunshan base, Ares also helps training related human capital system experts within the enterprise, thereby grasping the essence of project implementation. In the future, Ares expects to also help rapidly transplant systems to overseas subsidiaries such as Compal’s Vietnam production base. Ares not only helps improves Compal’s overall human capital information system performance, it also works with Compal in cultivating internal information management power and construct a real long-term growth engine.

Compal’s Kunshan base now has three notebook plants and one web-cam plant, with total employee number of over 30,000.

Besides having the existing Kunshan base, Compal plans to soon commence its Vietnam base project, expecting its global employee number to reach 150,000.

Since 1984, Compal has gradually evolved into world’s second largest notebook manufacturer and renowned IT manufacturer with its professional team and R&D strength.

Note: Ares International Corp. is a famous Taiwan-based information service provider that focuses on developing international banking and enterprise software, with banking software fitting in the requirements of international financial rules. As well, Ares develops ERP, MES, HRMS, PLM, CRM, SCM, BPM and PKI-related products. The major advantage of Ares HCP system is that it can help the enterprise in creating much more international competitiveness and offer the HR department of the enterprise with the utmost IT support and professional consultancy team service. Therefore, Ares is the best strategic partner of cross-country enterprises. Meanwhile, Ares combines BI and KM to establish a complete e-system platform for enterprises, assisting them in effectively controlling costs and improving competitiveness. By now, hundreds of cross-country companies already see operation efficiency improvements thanks to Ares products and solutions. Ares has become the most professional software company in system integration and enterprise software product developments.

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