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2007-10-12Ares and Oracle host ERP+PLM seminar for more effective enterprise management

Ares International Corp. hosted a seminar for the enterprise on October 9, introducing Oracle ERP Project Costing and Agile PLM solutions.

Participants were mainly R&D, information and project management staff relating to the ERP and PLM application segments. The seminar especially focused on the revolutionary solution for the Agile PLM—EPM (Executive Presentation Module), which is mainly for the high-level executive to quickly capture the whole picture of the statistics and analytical reports for related projects—project report, work sheet, output report and process report. Using EPM will facilitate the manager’s control over the status of various projects. With Oracle project management function and project costing management application, the project management functions for integration can help providing clear enterprise project information and completing the project on time.

邀請 Oracle 吳總經理為本研討會開場致詞 資通余董事長誓師為企業提供好的 IT 解決方案 PLM 將專業的研發資訊作更有績效的管理

Ares professional Oracle ERP consultancy team has rich experiences in Oracle ERP manufacturing, cost module, Oracle Projects, etc; Agile PLM customers cover high-tech industry players such as ICP Electronics, Advantec, ADLINK, LC net, eedesign, Shuttle, Promate, amec, D-Link, Mustek, Foxlink, netconn, Acer, Sangfei, Cameo, TTY, WINSTAR and Chunghwa Picture Tubes (CPT). Both solutions can assist the enterprise to effectively deploy its resources and speed up production innovation and improve profits. Ares is the Best Application Partner of Greater China of Oracle. In the past years, Oracle has been launching innovative marketing plans and worked with Ares in developing and providing enterprise solutions for fast-growing industry aspects such as electronic manufacturing, enterprise finance and project management.

資通電腦推出的 ERP+PLM 因應時代所趨的完美結合與創新應用 資通電腦推出的 ERP+PLM 因應時代所趨的完美結合與創新應用

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