The Government e-HouseKeeper Portal Site Outsourcing Project

Ares International Corp. and the government are promoting “Citizen’s e-HouseKeeper” plan, offering high-quality government information service for the citizens to have “one-stop service” of the government’s Internet information

The Internet is one of the most important technology innovations of the twentieth century. The innovation has not only affected the government and the enterprise, but also brought significant revolution to the citizens’ lives while gradually becoming the core media of daily life. In the past, the Internet is a passive service, with the user only seeking for information only when he/she is in need. However, with the rapid development of Internet applications, the Internet can provide an active service in a real-time fashion after authorization of the user.

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“Citizen’s e-HouseKeeper” is such innovative service with the active and personalized concept from the government. Since the Research, Development and Evaluation Commission (RDEC) of Taiwan’s Executive Yuan started launching the third stage of the e-government plan, it has changed the traditional interaction of the government and citizen with the aid of information technology while using Internet application as the basic concept. Centered on the citizen, the plan offers a cross-organization integration service and actively delivers convenient daily information and bill/payment alerts to the citizens.

To integrate everyday information and satisfy the personal needs of the citizens while offering more high-quality and convenient innovative e-citizen services, the RDEC started planning the “Citizen’s e-HouseKeeper” with Ares International Corp. in 2006. Ares and the RDEC construct a real-time personal message alert service that is dedicated to the citizens, integrating the resources of the local and central government bodies, offering daily messages that are closely related to the benefits of the citizens to achieve the goals of “single window for the government’s Internet resources”, “improve the added value of the government’s Internet information” and “improve the effect of the e-business portal site”. The content of the plan service structure is as follows:

Personal and Innovative e-HouseKeeper Alert Messenger

“e-HouseKeeper” is an information-receiving software that emphasizes personal needs and is solely developed by the technical team of Ares.

After installing the “e-HouseKeeper”, the citizen can subscribe to needed message services. Once the new message arrives, the “e-HouseKeeper” will provide an alert from the bottom-right corner. Moreover, the “e-HouseKeeper” offers various services such as “payment statistics record and inquiry functions” and “message calendar”.

Active and Content-rich Government Information Platform

In the past, the citizens had to search for needed information at different websites, which is time-consuming and takes much effort. Now, Ares and the “e-HouseKeeper” integrate the Internet resources of local and central government bodies for the citizens to have “one-stop shopping” of the government’s Internet information. The automatic mechanism of the information service provides personalized payment-reminder alert and various convenient daily information while effectively promoting information services of various organizations, improving the efficiency of information usage and the effect of the e-government portal site.

Attentive and Professional Technical Integration Service Consultation

Ares has a solid professional technical team and provides integration technical support services for free. The unified access process flow, complete access technical guide and educational training assist the cooperating organizations in solving the message integration and testing issues. During the process, Ares also provides consulting service to ensure a non-stop message service. The attentive, professional and swift service philosophy has won positive feedbacks from cooperating organizations and proves that Ares is the best partner for continuous operation.

Standard and Safe Application Program Interface (API)

To shorten the development schedule of access programs and makes it less difficult for development for the cooperating organizations, Ares adopts the most basic technology and designs an API that is based on components, modules and is standardized. Consequently, the organizations can focus on developments of the message content. Ares also plans a complete security control mechanism. After the organizations sign up for certificates, the exchanged message files will be signed and enciphered to ensure the information of the organizations is safely delivered.

Various Service Channels, Comply with the User’s Habits

To serve various groups and offer the most appropriate user channel, the “Citizen’s e-HouseKeeper” designs a PDA version for the information to be carried around via PDA phones. In addition, the “Citizen’s e-HouseKeeper” adds an alert-subscription service for MSN Messenger users. When the users are chatting away on MSN, they can also receive alert messages in a real-time fashion. Moreover, users can download the especially-designed Yahoo Widget tool to obtain e-HouseKeeper information at ease.

Make Good Use of the”Citizen’s eHouseKeeper” to Create a High-Quality Life

Since the promotion of the “Citizens e-HouseKeeper” plan, Ares has been aggressively dedicated to integrating convenient services of various organizations, offering nearly 30 government and private organizations full technical support and educational training service. Ares has gradually established an information platform, brining rich and various information to the citizens actively. Around 170 personal and public message services have been delivered to nearly 30,000 citizens.

In the future, Ares and the “Citizen’s e-HouseKeeper” will keep launching more services for the citizens to enjoy real-time and personalized services via the active services of the government. In the end, the citizens can have a higher-quality and more convenient life!

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