Network Healthy Monitoring System

Network Healthy Monitoring System – NHMS

Network Healthy Monitoring System (NHMS) is a complete Internet monitoring program. Business information manager can browse through the Internet equipment and server status of a company through a simple Internet diagram, and check for any abnormal server problems.

Network Healthy Monitoring System

Product Functions

  • Internet service monitoring (SMTP, POP3, HTTP, FIP, etc)
  • Host resource monitoring (processor overload, hard drive, memory space usage, etc)
  • Easy plug-in design, allowing familiar programming language to develop service checking programs
  • Parallel processing service
  • Define monitored host or network devices hierarchy relationship
  • When encountering problems, notify appointed related employee and groups
  • Set up incident handling
  • Log file automatic rotation
  • Support redundant monitoring host
  • Web UI viewing Internet monitoring status, notify history records, log files, etc.

Product Benefits

  • Posses future monitoring needs for flexibility and extensibility
  • Quickly receive equipment status and information
  • Graphically display monitoring information, increase Internet monitoring personnel efficiency
  • Provide equipment and application reliability
  • Establish good network communication services
  • Lower losses due to network failure and maintenance
  • Improve network transmission quality
  • Lower network maintenance costs