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ARES Privacy Protector granted the patent of "Digital Document Locating Method"

Ares International Corp. self-developed ARES PP (Ares Privacy Protector) granted the R.O.C. patent of "Digital Document Locating Method" by Intellectual Property Office of Ministry of Economic Affairs. This not only recognized the development capability for information security product of Ares, but also assist the enterprises to accommodate various information security regulations in advance, such as Personal Information Protection and new Information Security Management Law.

James Ju, system development manager of Ares, stated that ARES PP has five modules and three main portals, which can precisely grasp the information security problems, upgrading the information security protection. Not only can it prevent the inconvenience software installation for the client, but also reach the new level of cross-platforms, cross-devices.

The flexible structure of ARES PP enables detailed audit records, protects enterprise information security, and fully satisfy the Personal Information Protection regulation. Taiwan new version of Information Security Management Law will be taking effect shortly, if the related enterprise did not establish relevant security safety maintenance plans, it can be fined between USD $ 3,300 and USD $ 66,000. Currently, ARES PP has already established related successful cases for required information security management regulations. It can assist IT personnel to proceed to comprehensive protective measures swiftly in a short period of time, solving the existing potential information security crisis easily!

The R.O.C. patent

The R.O.C. patent "Digital Document Locating Method" of Ares Privacy Protector was granted.

With the changing technology, new web software and technologies continue to be introduces, increasing the hidden information security crisis at the same time. Ares has been striving to develop and apply for the patent of information security, besides the patents from Taiwan, China, Japan, United States, and other countries were granted, the patent of “Digital Document Locating Method" that was granted this time also proved that Ares makes every effort for managing, updating, maintaining information security product development.


ARES PP is a self-developed document protection solution, it uses audit visualization, document mobilization, and cloud protection to secure intellectual property and confidential documents to provide comprehensive document life-cycle protection, avoiding problems arising from improper use of digital information. ARES PP is widely adopted in universities and institutes, governmental organizations, and enterprises, providing high security and reliability.

ARES Privacy Protector:

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