ARES Portfolio System

To meet demands of Taiwan finance globalization and innovative financial products, Ares International Corp. is the first company that introduces a Straight through Processing (STP) treasury system. With global financial market changes and regulation of Financial Supervisory Commission (SFC), it is more important to provide service that complies with need for various financial products.

Ares innovates a new generation of treasury system that complies with the current need in the financial industry basing on more than 35-year experience in research and development for financial information system. Functions contain major financial products such as domestic and foreign exchange rate as well as interest rate, bond, derivatives to provide the best choice to stay more competitive and earn more benefit with less efforts in the financial industry.

General Evaluation System Problem

Specific Product Problem
  • Can’t handle new products under rapid change circumstance; support special products only
  • Can’t register products that the calculation system doesn’t support
  • No immediate implementation of new products
  • Benefits of above-mentioned adjustments not significant for uncommon products
Effectiveness Problem
  • Can’t expand system immediately for registration
  • Can’t calculate evaluation immediately
  • Lack of capacity on evaluation model adjustment
Programming Language Problem
  • Advanced system is expandable, but programming language learning is in needed
  • Limited scenarios supported with existing programming language
  • Do not support registration for new products

Independent operation, fast calculation for financial product with intelligent graphic tool

Parameter of profit-and-loss condition configuration, graphic user interface and fast understanding of products!
Real-time evaluation and calculate market risk!
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Support Convertible Bond and European Convertible Bonds Evaluation

Configuration of product contract supports various convertible bond and evaluation of foreign convertible bond such as inserting call option and put option, American Options, European Options, and Bermuda Options, condition of trigger, and so on. It can calculate the Greek alphabet and launch sensitive analysis. The speed of evaluation is rapid.


  1. Support evaluation for various products
  2. Rapidly execute calculation of evaluation and expandability
  3. Efficiently support front-end sales operation
  4. Trading system with straight through processing (STP) automation
  5. Professional service
    • Implement evaluation mechanism
    • Consultancy for derivative product
    • Portfolio management analysis



  1. KYP (Know you product) – fully understand the price list for new product and risk


  1. No need to learn specific programming language due to intuitive drawing and parameter configuration
  2. Shorten go-to-market time on development for financial product by at least 50%


  1. Repeat edit template of products and support sales of TMU product for promotion
  2. Real-time breakdown for logic while drawing graphic; automatically integrate into trading system

Product Consultancy:

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