Advanced Foreign Exchange Integrated System

AFEIS New Foreign Exchange Integration System –
All Encompassing Banking Tool for Competitiveness

The internationalization of finance has become an inevitable trend. Banks nowadays not only face domestic challenges, but also all-around competition both internationally and in an inter-industry way. Since the information system has complete functions, is stable and flexible, the profitability of the bank can be improved. The AFEIS, developed by Ares International Corp, is easy to operate, can fully cater to the actual need of the bank in management and integration. In addition, AFEIS can effectively improve operation efficiency and risk control ability, so it is the best tool for banks to improve competitiveness amid internationalization.

AFEIS (Advanced Foreign Exchange Integrated System)
Turning Point in an Era of Marginal Profits

The AFEIS, developed by Ares International Corp., new foreign exchange computer integration system is a foreign exchange business system with complete functions, covering retail banking, wholesale banking, dealing room, etc. Using object-oriented design concept, the system can be built on multiple mainframe platforms. Its stable and flexible system characteristics allow combination with existing banking systems (securing existing investments), integration with future business interfaces and link to the global connection system of SWIFT. Thus, AFEIS offers competitiveness for banks in the era of marginal profits.

All-Encompassing AFEIS

AFEIS System Function Chart

afeis structure