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International-Level Service Quality to Create Triple-Win Business

To enhance Ares’ professional capability in various fields and provide clients with a comprehensive solution in accordance with new trends, Ares follows a consistent policy of building strategic partnership with internationally renowned leaders including Oracle, HP, IBM, SWIFT, DataOne and more. Based on the strategic alliance, by which Ares links professional technology from various products, plus the combination of knowledge management in diverse fields and experiences in software development, a information and consult service was provided for clients to meet requirements in Greater China, a solution that international leaders offer to the region was strengthen—and a triple-win model for Ares, vendors, and clients was created. We were acknowledged as the only vendor of manufacturing execution system (MES) Asian solution by international research institution Gartner for three consecutive years from 2015 to 2017, won Taiwan Excellence Award, and in 2016, partnered with Thai software leader DataOne Asia to launch ArgoERP in ASEAN, proving that Ares has reached an international level in the software design, development, implementation and after-sales service.

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Global solution at international level


40 years around of experience in information integration service


Meet requirements of clients in Greater China

Strategic Alliances

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