Help improve competitive edge of our clients with best quality

Quality is the major competitiveness of Ares. "Offer high-quality professional service and fulfill promise for the customer" is the essential business philosophy of Ares. We deeply acknowledge that service is intangible and needs to be realized by applying standard procedures during development stages. Therefore, we set specific operational rules for the procedures of software products and services. With nonstop educational trainings and strict assessment evaluation, we are transforming the operational rules to the working habits of our employees and realizing that in our performance while providing professional service quality. This is our unchanged belief for many years and is the major guarantee of winning the trust and support of our clients.

Ares won ISO9001 international quality certification in 1996, gained CMMI Level 2 certification in 2006 and passed the Level 3 certification in early 2008, proving that Ares has reached an international level in the software design, development, implementation and after-sales service. With its continuous effort in seeking perfection, Ares pursues the best quality, offers professional service on par with the international level and improves the competitiveness of our clients.