Consulting Service

Consulting services for information and application of Ares provide enterprises with all-around consultation advices for management information application. Our professional consultation services such as ERP, MES, PLM, SCM, CRM and HCP provide clients with solution proposals from Oracle. Our consulting services help enterprises to rationalize their flows, gather information immediately while integrate and utilize information effectively with the outstanding software to reach their final goal i.e. to improve an enterprise's competitiveness through information technology.

Ares's consulting services for information application include the three following service items:

ERP Consulting Service

Our professional ERP consultants offer consulting service for Oracle ERP system. This service assists enterprises to carry out internal process analysis, future system planning, system set-up, system testing, integration testing and on-line back-up service. The questions, risks and quality of projects can be controlled through Ares's project management plans.

Supply Chain Management Consulting Service

Our professional supply chain management (SCM) software consultants offer SCM consultation advice service. This service assists enterprises to carry out the best plan for production and delivery procedure such as demand forecast, material request, production schedule, order delivery schedule and so on. It can also show the influences from different actual demand situations to cater to the request from clients, control the various demand and supply plans and perform global operation management.

Consulting Advice Service Integrated with ERP

As an Oracle ERP professional customized service team, we provide clients with services to meet various demand and Oracle ERP integration requirements, with the services including integrations of web ordering (order, purchase) and ERP; MES and ERP; non- ERP and ERP. We assist clients to form integration strategies, establish information flows, design related programs and help to carry out testing and on-line back-up. We can assure that the projects can be finished successfully with Ares's professional management experiences in system integration proposals.

Our Clients

ERP Consulting Service

  • Semiconductor design: Analog Integrations Corporation
  • Semiconductor testing: Ardentec Corporation, UltraTera Corporation
  • Automobile: Sanyang Industry
  • Publishing: Yuan-Liou Publishing Ltd.
  • Electronic Product: Kingmax Inc., Coretronic Corporation
  • PCB: Gold Circuit Electronics

ERP Customized Service

  • Semiconductor: Vanguard International Semiconductor Corporation (VIS), Whole Win
  • Semiconductor testing: SPIL Technology Corporation
  • Automobile: Sanyang Industry
  • Electronic Product: Kingmax Inc., Lite-On Technology Corporation, Avision Inc.

CIM Project Outsourcing Service

  • Semiconductor: Vanguard International Semiconductor Corporation (VIS), Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited (TSMC), King Yuan Electronics Co., Ltd.