eAresBank International Finance Integration System—First Step toward Stable International Management

Compete in International Finance Automation Stage

eAresBank international finance integration system integrates the needs of international financing business and the functions of commercial banks, uses on-line real-time operation model and integrates retail & wholesale banking. As well, the solution can be linked to the global connection system of SWIFT. eAresBank has complete functions while its stable and strong system integration simplifies the operation process, enabling the bank to rapidly gain strategic information and bring stronger international competitive edge.

In addition, Ares International Corp. has been developing its business in Hong Kong for around twenty years, so it is familiar with local business rituals and rules. In addition, with its various service branches in Greater China, abundant integration experiences and technical resources, Ares is the best partner for finance enterprises in Greater China.


eAresBank Modules


  • Include wholesale and retail functions
  • Provide treasury solution
  • Flexible pricing
  • Professional local team



  • Shorten development time
  • Flexible expansion-Double the size, 6-month complete
  • Support multiple-branch operation
  • System down rate-<2%
  • Short system rollback operation time <4 hours


  • Better management and decision analysis with independent operations of various BUs
  • Better security control of customer transaction and limit
  • Increase bank service time
  • Improve operational efficiency
  • Improve OBU and overseas branch operational competitiveness with modulized function for new foreign trade business
  • Web-based functions for environment-friendly conversion