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Interview-Huafan University wins college competition with ARES uPKI Kits

A team of the department of information management, Huafan University, recently won a college competition with an application using uPKI Kits developed by Ares International Corp.

A team of the department  of information management, Huafan University, recently won a college  competition with an application using uPKI Kits developed by Ares International  Corp.

The application is: combining PKI and cloud technologies for data transfer security protection—application documents for college recommendation screening examination.

Ares recently interviewed the team to learn more about the competition and the development process of the application.

Below is an excerpt of the interview.

  1. Please introduce your team.
  2. We are from the Internet security management lab of Huafan University. We love to challenge changes and learn about new technologies.

  3. What is the reason that you have decided to adopt ARES uPKI Kits?
  4. In recent years, we have applied ARES uPKI Kits in competitions. This time, we continued to use ARES uPKI Kits, as the tool is easy to develop and allows cross-browser usage. Additionally, our application needs support of the HTML5 function for other browsers. Consequently, we have decided to continue using ARES components.

  5. Please share your experiences in adopting ARES uPKI Kits.
  6. When we are processing large files in using ARES uPKI Kits, we ran through some testing and adjustments to avoid system fail during browser transfer.

  7. Why did you choose the topic for the competition?
  8. Currently, the admission process of Taiwan’s college recommendation screening examination adopts delivery in paper format, which is not environmental friendly and is time consuming. To solve the problems, we suggest data transfer via cloud platform to improve the efficiency of the process.

    As such, our research application establishes a data transfer cloud platform using PKI encryption, which reduces manpower and save resources while effectively lowering the risk of data leakage and tampering.

  9. Any thoughts on the application of the components?
  10. The application supports the submission and transfer of electronic documents in any formats; therefore, it can be used in confidential documents for business purposes.

  11. Any award-winning speech?
  12. We would like to thank every judge of the competition. We are also thrilled to have won the third place in the competition. Our professors are also very supportive during the preparation of the competition.

Most of all, we highly appreciate the support of Ares International Corp., providing professional consulting services so that we can focus on developing and applying uPKI Kits. We look forward to further cooperation with Ares in the future!


Taiwan college PKI application competition was held by Industrial Development Bureau, Department of Commerce, Chinese Society of Information Management (CSIM) and Ministry of Education. Ares has supported the competition for several years, with over 12 universities cooperating with the company.

Introduction of ARES uPKI Kits:

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