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Ares realizes social care concept with continuous funding and product offering

Ares International Corp. have supported the Taiwan fund for children and families (TFCF) Adoption Plan for over 23 years and received a Thank-you letter from an adopted child recently, showing that Ares has realized its concept of social care practice for several decades.

“We hope to have a good harvest and enough food for our family.” This is from Zambia who is adopted by Ares. Harry Yu, chairman and CEO of Ares, noted that enterprises can play a significant role in social care. Besides realizing “What is taken from the community is to be used for the wellbeing of the community”, enterprises can inspire more public attention and support for the disadvantaged groups.

Ares has funded children and families for almost 30 years when celebrating its 10th anniversary in 1990, promoting the practice of corporate social responsibility for making the world a better place.

TFCF Adoption Plan certificate of appreciation.

In addition, Ares expects to play a major role among the information services industry. Given the importance of the use of training a new generation of information professionals, Ares has created the "ArgoERP Academy" and provided relevant materials to promote ERP software Application Engineer Certification of Chinese Enterprise Resource Planning Society. The promotion is well received by information management- related departments and students.

Furthermore, Ares donates its self-developed ciMes (Computer Integrated Manufacturing Execution System) to Taiwan's major universities to cultivate the field of manufacturing management personnel, increasing employment opportunities, and thus enhancing the competitiveness of related industries.

Ares is also active in promoting PKI application in universities and has worked with Industrial Economics & Knowledge Center (IEK), Computer Center of Ministry of Education (MOE), Department of Commerce and Chinese Society of Information Management (CSIM) in PKI competition since 2008. Over 12 universities have chosen ARES uPKI in developing PKI applications. Looking forward to the fulfillment of corporate social responsibility, but also have a positive impact for the school environment in Taiwan, Ares is leading in social feedback and welfare support.

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Introduction to Ares

Ares has provided professional services for over 30 years and is the first Taiwan-based software company to be listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange (TSE). Ares is a professional manufacturing management information system provider, with the largest share in the MES industry of Taiwan, the first government-acknowledged IFRS ERP solution provider. Ares is also the top player of the Taiwan foreign exchange and core banking solution company and SWIFT partner, while being the first Oracle partner in Taiwan.