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Ares to highlight uPKI KEY file en/decoding software at Info Security Taipei 2008

Foreknowledge is priceless, is your information leaked out?
Ares uPKI KEY file en/decoding software strengthens information security verification

Ares proffers a new concept: Enjoy Security
PKI- 123, Keep your information flow at ease! Ares promotes a right attitude of using information security protection
PKI -123123: One Certificate (Public CA Certificate), Two Keys (Public, Private), Three Layers of Protection (Verification, Authorization, Confidential)

With the Internet trend of global information, the modus operandi of digital crime is varied and the Internet information security environment reeks of the “ubiquity” crisis and issue. Ares International Corp. has been dedicated to information security product developments and is the most professional and strict information security verification expert.

During the Info Security Taipei 2008 (4/16-4/18), Ares will offer a new concept for information security protection: Enjoy Security, informing visitors with the right attitude when using information security protection tools to effectively prevent important information from leaked out and solve the more and more widespread information security issues such as the inability to control and manage the authorization of logging in.

With the risk of global information leakage increasing, Ares especially develops the uPKI KEY personal file en/decoding software that can support multiple digital file encoding. The professional version of the software also offers natural person certificate encoding, which can only be decoded using encoded certificates and passwords.

Ares has self-developed information security technologies such as Ares uPKI-Kits information control component, ARES uPKI certificate verification service system, ARES uPKI Log System, ARES uIAM ubiquitous Identity and Access Management System, SecureDOC file secure system, Crypto Server file en/decoding server, etc. The user can flexibly control and expand the application scope without the fear for such issues as back door and information security loophole. Be it account/password or smart card CA certification, the Secure Your Future information security protection solution by Ares can meet the cross-programming language, cross-operation platform need of various application systems and can assist clients and partners in establishing a reliable information security environment, ensuring the security, completeness, confidentiality and non-repudiation of information exchange. In the meantime, the system can be used with various certificates and smart cards, offering a more convenient and secure PKI application for system developers and users.

Ares leads the industry in software development knowledge and rich experience, with services include finance and foreign exchange systems, production management systems of the manufacturing industry, human resource management systems, information security systems, consulting and outsourcing services, etc. Ares provide services to financial organizations, governmental institutions, or private enterprises. Our products range from single-item products to complete information solution packages.

Amid the information security trend, Ares started developing Internet security software and finish public key infrastructure (PKI) security control system in 2002 to provide a complete security set of structure planning, analysis and implementation.

ARES uPKI won the 2005 IT month Excellent IT Application Product Award and is the only information security product in Taiwan that has earned the Novell YES certification.

ARES builds up its own PKI solution from ANS.1, PKCS#1 to PKCS#12, does not use the open source or base Microsoft CAPI solution and build its source code based on ANSI C and Java programming. Therefore, Ares can provide cross-platform solutions including Windows, Linux, AIX and Solaris.

ARES uIAM System solves these issues regarding Legacy SSO (Single Sign-On) systems. Working with Ares uPKI digital signature validation authority will further provide a complete SSO solution for Web-based and Client-Server cross-system platforms and cross-programming language situations.

Ares seminars: 2nd floor, Hall 1, Taipei World Trade Center (TWTC). Register NOW!!!

4/16-18 Info Security Taipei 2008 Booth A312
Information Security Key that Secures Your Important Files

Date Time Session Topic Speaker
◎Application Security
16:10-17:00 IS106 How to construct encoding technology
to ensure the safety of information?
Ares R&D manager/
Dye Lin
Is password all it takes? Password protection, all-disk encoding, EFS, SSL, VPN, IPSec, S/MIME, PKI, RSA, DES, AES…. What do these protect? What do these not protect?

If you are not familiar with the encoding technologies, chances are that you protect nothing! We will share with you the construction of encoding system, from personal en/decoding tool, database encoding, en/decoding server, instant message system, file secure system to consultancy service to strengthen your existing application systems.
◎IAM Identification
9:30-10:20 IS501 Who can visit us? Ares R&D manager/
James Wu
You use your keys to enter your house. Everyone determines the kind of key they want to use according to their asset at home and their security need.

In a world of Internet, is your entrance safe? Can anyone enter whatever rooms once they enter your house?

Identification is the most important step before system usage. It’s time for you to carefully inspect your own environment! Ares will offer you real examples to explain what’s the truly efficient and secure SSO environment.
  1. Offers strict verification and authorization
  2. Ensure the safety of confidential information
  3. Improve the efficiency of administrative operation procedures
  4. External exchange application

Rate different levels according to user authorizations; use CA certificate to log in and verify user identity by uPKI; can be integrated with uIAM SSO system, offering strict verification and authorization mechanisms.

uPKI Applicable to

Electronic check, Internet banking, branch bank data safe transfer, securities Internet order, exchange record security report, bank financing exchange.

Secure electronic document system, government electronic procurement system, government electronic document system, any Web or client-server system plus PKI-enabled mechanism.

E-business, data column encryption, safe email, single sign on, internal Internet file and system authorization control, existing systems such as ERP, MRP, SCM, CRM, PDM, document management system plus PKI-enabled mechanism.

Ares International Corp. has been offering professional information system software for nearly 30 years and has passed the CMMI ML3 certification. For years, Ares has been dedicated to developing strict PKI information encoding verification and IAM technologies, offering various flexible information security solutions to meet the diversified market need, with the solutions including en/decoding tools for personal files, confidential database encoding, hardware en/decoding server, instant message encoding transmittance system and highly-secure Internet hard disk file secure system. You can use ARES uPKI and Ares uIAM while adopting our consultancy service to rapidly strengthen existing application system to secure your future.