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DVD disc maker Optodisc introduces Ares ciMes solution to improve competiveness

Optodisc Technology Corporation, a DVD disc maker in Taiwan, is introducing ciMes (Computer Integrated Manufacturing and Manufacturing Execution System) developed by Ares International Corp. Ares ciMes, based on the Microsoft .net structure, can effectively manage and monitor work-in-process (WIP) and production status of the on-site production line while improving the production efficiency and capacity of the factory to lower production costs and risk, improving the e-process of the factory to realize accurate control of production and on-time delivery.

With expanding production scale, Optodisc has growing difficulty in controlling the collection of various production materials and rating process after its discs are produced. To keep at its leading position, expand production scale as well as improving market share and profitability, Optodisc needs an MES that can offer complete production information in a timely fashion while having a flexible structure for future system expansions. In addition, Optodisc emphasizes professional knowledge of the industry as well as professional experience and ability in factory management consultation of a system integration company.

With abundant industry know-how and professional factory management experiences, Ares ciMes team has been chosen by Optodisc. ciMes has a brand-new flexible structure design and web-based platform, so that the customers can use a rapid parameter setting to enable tailor-made functions.

After interviews and system analysis, Ares ciMes team offers a two-phase solution. In the first phase, Ares will finish introduction and implementation of ciMes at two of Optodisc’s four factories, with the remaining two to also finish the processes in the second phase. Ares consultants offer procedure improvement suggestions and efficient execution plans. In addition, ciMes complete module functions have advantages brought by computerization such as the automatic equipment connection of front-end production and other parts of the production for obtaining immediate data on the production line. In addition, its back-end procedure is also managed electronically to generic various statistics and management charts.

Ares ciMes is based on Microsoft solutions, which includes Windows Server 2003, IIS Server and Microsoft .NET Framework. Furthermore, the web-based ciMes can not only allow on-line production quality control processing at any time, any place, but can also lower IT maintenance task costs.

The greatest advantage of introducing ciMes is the transparency and accuracy of data. With the implementation of ciMes, Optodisc has constructed an e-communication environment. Related production information can be displayed on various charts immediately. Production control staff and managers can view various production information and status of current production procedures at any time, any place via the web browser. Therefore, they can spot production problems immediately and solve that in time, lowering processing costs afterwards and product defect rate. In the meantime, since the system is monitoring the operation of the whole production line, data key-in time and manual errors can be reduced while various management charts can be generated swiftly and automatically. In the end, managers can truly control the actual situation of the factory and always improve the production procedure quality.