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China foundry Hejian signs contract with Ares for ciMes solution

HeJian Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., signed a contract with Ares International Corp. this week for designing in the self-developed ciMes (Computer Integrated Manufacturing Execution System), with the system to go live in the coming July to fulfill the project goal of strengthening enterprise competitiveness via an optimal production management performance.

HeJian is the pioneer of China’s foundry industry, with initial investments of over US$1 billion. To become the largest and the best China-based foundry, HeJian has decided to use Ares ciMes solution for the flexible structure design and functions that meet the needs of HeJian. In the project, Ares will offer a complete solution for HeJian, including integration with ERP and outsourcing system, so that production information can be completely and immediately provided to HeJian’s customers while calculating the exact costs to reach the goal of improving operation performance and offering an all-encompassing service for its customers.

Ares ciMes offers the MES structure that is suitable for the semiconductor bumping production. In addition, it can offer a flexibile structure for future expansion and integration of HeJian’s product lines and business. With the professional system integration ability of Ares, HeJian can synchronize MES and ERP information as well as the plan and analysis of its outsourcing system. As a result, HeJian will significantly improve its enterprise management ability and rapidly respond to the changes of the customer’s need and market.

ciMes is a self-developed product of Ares for e-enterprise purposes and a set of MES system that can be customized according to the business logics of various enterprises. Ares ciMes is based on N-Tier structure with the major operating platform being the Web. With the flexible and stable MES module, Ares ciMes offers resource management allocation and production process control, helping manufacturers to control the complete production information. Ares ciMes is the best tool for improving production yields and quality while meeting the delivery deadline.

ciMes production features:

  1. Flexible customized logic rules
  2. WEB solution, IIS server
  3. Graphic route setting
  4. Multi-language (traditional Chinese, simplified Chinese, English)
  5. Real time lot tracking
  6. Customer attribute
  7. Flexible structure design, can easily connect to other systems such as ERP and scheduling system.
  8. Allow paperless operation environment