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Perfect combination of D-Link and Ares HCP

Because of a strong business relationship with Ares, D-Link, the third biggest professional Internet equipment company, entrusted Ares to help design in HCP, with official online implementation kicking off on February 2.

D-Link, established in 1986 and the leader in the global SMB (Small & Medium Enterprise) and Home Internet market , focuses on R&D of PC Internet equipment and has an own brand D-Link for the international market, with products covering exchanger, wireless, broadband network distributor and digital home. D-Link has branches in fifty major countries and sells its product in over 170 countries.

For twenty years, D-Link has trained various excellent professional experts on R&D, manufacturing and marketing and has laid the foundation for Taiwan’s Internet telecommunication industry while standing at an important position in the world. Because of D-Link’s global marketing strategy, the company greatly needs HCP to help manage and deploy its global human resources.

Ares HCP system has been developed by experienced HR experts who have been working with various major international companies. With much developments and optimization, now the system can be used in conglomerates with multi-country, multi-language, multi-factory, multi-company and multi-currency environments. Its dynamic and real-time management can help enterprises leaders in keeping track of updated human resource status and management indicator at any moment. Hence, Ares HCP is the perfect choice for international conglomerates such as D-Link.

The successful and timely design-in of Ares HCP at D-Link is attributable to the cooperation of both parties. Ares is devoted to finding out the best solution for our customers. Our HCP system focuses on the accurate analysis and management for the HR department and assists enterprise leader in having more effective management and plans. Ares always does its best to achieve the assignment of its customers.