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FITI cross-strait human resource inventory becomes synchronic with Ares HCP

FITI with its global operations

Foxsemicon Integrated Technology Inc (FITI) is a subsidiary set up by the Hon Hail group for the semiconductor manufacturing industry. Established in April 2000, the company headquarters at the Chunan Base of the Hsinchu Science Park (HSP) and has global operations in China and the US. FITI’s major products are applied in the equipment modules and components for the semiconductor and flat-panel display (FPD) industries. Based on developing high-performance materials with core technologies covering precision machining, advanced packaging and mechanical integration and automation, FITI has established a business from design, manufacture to sales for highly-integrated system products. FITI has advantages in synchronic technical developments, fast response to clients’ needs, highly-professional technologies, multiple customized products and global operations. In addition, with the resources of parent company Hon Hai, FITI has established a sound supply/demand relationship with major international semiconductor equipment providers, offering products with high quality, reasonable prices, as well as on time delivery and complete after-sales service.

HR Need and Global Challenges

Globalization and e-business for operational management are FITI’s focuses for its future operations. This means the group now needs to consider globalization as well as costs and needs to gradually expand its operations and production bases to overseas spots. Focusing on how to keep a high-quality local workforce for a competitive edge means the company must improve internal service quality. In need of a set of helpful tools for collecting and analyzing related reports for enterprise decision-makers, the company needs a set of HCP (Human Capital Planning) system that enables global management and can solve rules and operations of cross-strait factories. In the past, when FITI did not possess an HR system, the company needed to manually collect and compare data; compile monthly attendance record for the finance department in calculating salaries and related arrangements. Since FITI keeps expanding its production scale in China amid policy changes, group operational strategies and workforce recruitment, the company needs a flexible system to integrate human resources planning for analysis, planning, design and execution, so that it can rapidly respond to the changes in the market and operating process.

Implementation Benefits of HCP for FITI

After designing in HCP, the success brought by HCP for FITI soon comes!

First, the time for administration processes is shortened: from one week to about two days. In the past, it took about one week (excluding daily administration and structural changes) for monthly salary accounting. After using HCP system, it only takes two days. Second, the process of design-in of HCP system is actually a reassessment of the operating process for the enterprise. With output SOP, each step is clearly recorded and has its respective rule, so that the rate of error is fairly low and it is easier to discover the error spot.

Another strong feature of HCP is the encryption of salary, which means three layers of authorization control! The cross control of HCP system means encryption of salary and decryption by non-technical staff, so that the most sensitive data of an enterprise can be protected. In addition, HCP system offers benefits such as cost saving, revenue generating and quality improvement. Finally, HR-related efficiency will help cross-strait factories in integrating with each other, which can further bring advancement in globalization.

HCP Offers Fast Globalization for FITI

Manager Liu of FITI’s HR department said the company considered to choose Ares HCP because it has experiences in supporting cross-strait Taiwanese enterprises and designing in at large-scale enterprise. Therefore, Ares can provide global management for human database and integrate HRM, HRD modules with data. HCP uses a web interface for the platform of employee relations management, including employee self-service and manager desk. With the support of Ares’s professional team, the first-phase design in was finished within two and a half months. In China, first-stage on-line implementation was finished at the end of 2006. In 2007, FITI plans to have non-implemented HCP modules designing in employee self-service and manager desk modules, improving employee relations management platform while implementing performance, function and educational training modules.

Ares HCP is designed to help improving the competitiveness of an enterprise; has strong advantages that other systems do not have; offers reasonable prices and internalizes local policies (China and Taiwan) while having a systemized logic structure for conglomerates across the Taiwan Strait and their globalization needs.