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Catcher Technology uses Ares HCP to construct global HR platform

Cather Technology, a leading global company of aluminum die casting, recently signed a contract with Ares International Corp. for implementing Ares HCP (Human Capital Planner). Using the unified and upgraded group personnel management information system, Catcher can largely improve the processing ability of personnel data and human capital control as well as education functions, realizing the shared-platform and shared-data operation. Moreover, with BI (business intelligence) analysis, Cather’s core competitiveness can be improved, especially for its Suzhou, China, production base.

Since Catcher’s Suzhou base is rapidly expanding in both production scale and employee number, its original personnel management platform can no longer fulfill its need in both technical and management sides. As a result, its HR department has to invest massive human and material resources to manage employees from various posts, business units and levels. For its cross-strait and global operations, Cather needs an advanced and unified human resources platform to manage the highly-mobile allocation of its internal manpower.

Among various eHR products, Ares HCP adopts B/S structure (for small-to-medium size enterprises, C/S structure is also an option for lower costs), is based on Oracle Database. Hence, its data analytical ability is suitable for current and future development needs. Ares is equipped with experiences for implementing its HCP at various large electronics makers including Asustek, Shuttle, Chi Lin Technology, Princeton Technology, Micro-Star Int’l (MSI) and Primax Electronics. Ares is one of the few Taiwan-based companies that can launch human resource management system at across the Taiwan Strait and South East Asia at the same time. Ares HCP has abundant function modules, flexible parameter setting, friendly interface and stable project consultants. Ares HCP is better than competing eHR products and its technical transference policy can help Cather’s technical support team to integrate Ares HCP with its whole information system. Consequently, Cather can reduce its system procurement costs and improve its information system application efficiency.

Cather aims to finish the implementation process for its Suzhou base in the first half of 2008 and proceed with other units in the company via the technical support of Ares. Therefore, Cather can have a unified global human resources platform to control tens of thousands of employees and ensure its human capital core competitiveness.

Cather specializes in the key components of notebook, video camera/digital camera, telecommunication product and memory storage equipment, Its quality, production scale and degree of production process completeness all reach the world’s first class level, with customers covering major makers such as IBM, Compaq, Dell, HP, Motorola, Sony, Fujitsu, Acer, Inventec, Compal Electronics and Quanta Computer.

Cather’s global production bases are situated in Taiwan, China, the Philippines, etc. Its Suzhou base now has around 21,000 employees, with the area of the base at nearly 300,000 square meters.

Cather and Ares HCP project team