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Ares HCP helps manufacturer Kaolin realize cross-strait integration

Industrial sewing machine maker eyes globalization

Established in 1965, Kaolin MFG Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of industrial sewing machine in Taiwan and a global leader in overlock and 3-needle interlock machines. The company recently developed a complete product line-up, offering one-stop shopping for customers. Besides establishing factories in Taiwan, Kaolin sets up factories in Shenzhen and Ningbo, China, realizing order receipt in Taiwan and shipment from China for global customers. Kaolin currently has offices in Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, India and the US.

Global human resource information; Professional system control

Kaolin has decided to construct human resource (HR) planning system for global organizational structure and cross-Taiwan Strait salary processing to effectively improve HR efficiency. Its ultimate goal is to include HR management in its operational resource strategy.

Peter Yeh, CIO of Kaolin, noted that Ares Human Capital Planner (HCP) is currently the most mature HR management platform for Taiwan-based companies having operations in both Taiwan and China. HCP not only supports the labor laws of the two regions, but is flexible in integration with other information systems (already successfully integrated with BPM, Oracle ERP, BI, etc). Additionally, HCP provides back-end database encryption while Ares consultants in Taiwan and China can meet the needs of Kaolin in different regions. As such, Kaolin has decided to work with Ares, Yeh indicated.

Developed on Oracle database, HCP is flexible and strongly expandable. With various parameter applications, HCP allows future system change for expansion of factory and enterprise scopes. More importantly, HCP provides all-encompassing planning from operation, management to strategy, with a complete module line-up such as ESS (Employee Self Service), MD (Manager Desk) and BIS (Business Intelligence System). HCP is a stable system with complete functions while Ares stresses on customer service, first-rate product and professional consultancy service. As a result, HCP has become the first choice of Kaolin.

"Kaolin can improve management mechanism via the flexible HCP", Yeh said, adding that HCP enables HR staff to easily respond to the fast change and growth of modern enterprises. "The system functions support usages in Taiwan and China, which meets our requirement of a HR system that is suitable for local salary calculation and multi-company group operations. All in all, Ares HCP is most suitable for our needs," Yeh explained.

Fast implementation; Perfect integration

Kaolin started with collecting the overall needs of its company structure and worked with Ares consultants to implement basic HCP modules. The initial goal was to rapidly introduce core modules and BIS at its operations in Taipei, Ningbo and Shenzhen in six to eight months.

Xing-Fu Wu (transliterated from Chinese), CHO (Chief HR Officer) of Kaolin, indicated the HRM (HR Management) standard implementation at Kaolin's Taiwan headquarter only took five months, with the implemented modules including human resource data management, department unit establishment, system management, local insurance operation, income tax management, welfare fund management, calculation of salary and bonus, attendance management, clock in/out data management, calendar and work shift, import/export operation, data backup management, alert system setting and DIY analysis system. "In the second stage, our goal was to implement BI enterprise dashboard and salary encryption using BPM ARES Portal. This can ensure the confidentiality of our HR data while enabling high-end executives to search for employee information in no time, brining flexibility and safety to our HR deployment," Wu noted.

Collaboration and mission possible

During the implementation stage, Kaolin worked closely with Ares consultants to solve problems and achieve high-quality and rapid implantation. Wen-Ling Wang (transliterated from Chinese), a member of the HR project, shared her experience during the project, “We faced issues such as system integration and company structural change during the implementation of HCP. Thanks to the support of Ares consultants, we were able to solve the issue smoothly. Under seven principles of Ares HCP team, the system implementation was successful: total project control, persistent in shared goal and direction, commitment from both sides, good interaction, professional project team, regular communication as well as verification and solution of issues as soon as possible.

Currently, Ares is implanting second-stage HRD (HR Development) for Kaolin that includes performance appraisals, with implantation to take just two months.

Aim for the best; Ares HCP helps Kaolin improve competitiveness

With the all-encompassing HR management system of Ares HCP, Kaolin can see its company operation effectively supported. The flexible parameters of HCP also help Kaolin to quickly respond to transformation and reformation.

Fang-Mei Lin (transliterated from Chinese), a HR executive at Kaolin, thanks Ares for providing rapid and simple salary calculation, reducing the process time and workload of HR staff and helping HR department of Kaolin to concentrate on HR management. "The all-encompassing employee and report information help us to respond to management needs in time and strengthen competitiveness. Consequently, our administrative departments can perform better by leveraging the complete, reliable and highly-efficient information system," Lin commented.

Shu-Chin Yang (transliterated from Chinese), a HR staff at Kaolin's headquarter, elaborated, "In the past, various HR reports (employee resignation rate, turnover rate, per-capita production value, per-capita expense rate, production value/labor expense ratio, overtime rate analysis, direct labor work time efficiency) are calculated manually. With HCP, most of the reports can be done via BI platform (integration of HCP and Oracle ERP) and our executives can compose presentations directly on the BI, strongly improving our efficiency," Yang stressed.

Introduction of Ares HCP

Ares HCP is highly acknowledged by various international enterprises while its unique and strong functions as well as good-quality service are especially favored by its clients. HCP supports multiple countries and languages while featuring global management functions. The HRD feature is a major attractive aspect of HCP. Executives can have self diagnosis via HCP while launching analysis with Excel data. HCP also allows instant view on employee shift, attendance status and holiday hours via HCP ESS and MSS (manager self-service) platforms, thereby saving HR staff unnecessary service time such as receiving phone calls and searching for related data.

HCP also features BIS for executives to analyze and manage global staff production and become more competitive. As such, the executives can effectively deploy strategic resources, renewing information including per-capita production value, per-capita staff costs, new employment, leaving post, working overtime, attendance, training and recruit. Consequently, HR staff will no longer be responsible for only data input and Excel report integration, but can contribute more to enterprise growth, offering instant information for executives to make important decisions.

Ares HCP has best practices including global corporations such as L’Oréal, Siliconware Precision Industries (SPIL), Pegatron Corp., Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), ASUSTeK Computer and Compal Electronics.

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