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LED maker CMLT adopts Ares ciMes to improve cross-strait production efficiency

Chi Mei Lighting Technology Corp (CMLT), a professional provider of super high-brightness LEDs, has finished implementing the ciMes (Computer Integrated Manufacturing and Manufacturing Execution System) developed by Ares International Corp. CMLT follows Epitech Technology Corp. and Luxxon Technology and becomes yet another Taiwan-based LED maker in adopting Ares ciMes.

After signing the contract with Ares for using its ciMes, CMLT sees start of implementation of the project at the beginning of 2007, with first-stage system design-in target finished in April, 2007 and all system user acceptance test (UAT) completed in February 2008.

Via Ares ciMes, CMLT can effectively manage and monitor the production status of work-in-process (WIP) while improving the efficiency and capacity of the factory, lowering production costs and risks. With a better e-environment, CMLT can ensure its production is accurately controlled and the delivery schedule is on time. For vertical integration, CMLT needs a best practice for its LED supply chain from the MES, while also requiring a system that can cater to various managing demand in different production procedures and simplify future development and maintenance.

CMLT’s information department has spent a long time in collecting its system needs, searching for the service company, planning the direction of its project implementation, etc. After comparing software functions, technology stability and the professional ability of the project implementation team, CMLT has chosen Ares ciMes while planning a complete technical transfer and staff education to ensure the successful implementation of ciMes modules.

CMLT has a sound information application base; therefore, Ares chose a once-and-for-all approach in introducing ciMes modules to establish a complete manufacturing process control. After the implementation of the project, CMLT is able to integrate the core businesses of enterprise production such as supplier, production control, manufacturing, equipment maintenance and quality control. On-site information at its production lines can be accurately transmitted to users to monitor via Web or other methods. When emergency events occur at the production site, ciMes can provide on-site emergency status information and notify the user as soon as possible. CMLT’s production flow is complicated and sees occurrences of abnormal operational status including batch, merge, skip-lot and outsourcing. ciMes can help effectively control the status. Thanks to the improved production order, production cycle and WIP can be lowered, so that on-time delivery ability can be strengthened and quality can be improved. All in all, CMLT’s production costs can be lowered and profitability will be better.

With the successful introduction of ciMes at CMLT, newly-established Chi Ming Optronics (transliterated from Chinese) in Shenzhen, China, will introduce Ares ciMes in July 2008.

CMLT was established in September 2006, is a subsidiary of Chi Mei Optoelectronics (CMO) and has a capital of NT$250 million.

Note: Ares International Corp. has been established for nearly 30 years, providing professional manufacturing management information system software and specializes in developing product technologies and system integration. Ares has earned a strong foothold in the Computer Integrated Manufacturing (MIS) and MES areas for ten years, offers high-quality information service and has passed the CMMI L3 certification. Ares has strong project integration management ability, quality assurance ability, development and maintenance ability as well as the most complete consultant team. Ares ciMes solution has complete functions and modules while featuring advantages such as “flexible structure”, “reasonable pricing” and “nearby service”. Existing clients include AU Optronics (AUO), Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, King Yuan Electronics (KYEC), Grace Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation (GSMC), Powerchip Semiconductor Corp. (PSC), Vanguard International Semiconductor Corporation (VIS), APTOS Corporation, HeJian Technology, Topsun Optronics Inc., Chi Mei Materials Technology Corp. (CMMT), Luxxon, Optodisc Technology Corporation, Sintek Photronic, Allied Integrated Patterning Corp. (AIPC), ChipMOS TECHNOLOGIES (Bermuda) LTD. (ChipMOS), Princeton Technology Corp., Micro Silicon Elecs. Corp. (MSEC), United Microdisplay Optronics (UMO), STATS ChipPAC Taiwan Semiconductor Corporation, Truly Semiconductors, Radiant Opto-Electronics Corporation, etc. Ares has earned abundant factory experiences when serving its clients. In addition, with strengths in areas such as ERP, eHR and BI, Ares fully considers the integration of each information system when introducing ciMes for its clients and has won great trust from them.

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