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PQI adopts Ares GIB system for“one manufacturing base, global marketing”

Power Quotient International Co., Ltd. Power Quotient International Co., Ltd. (PQI), a global professional storage memory maker that has its marketing precense in Taiwan, China, Japan, Europe and the US, has selected the GIB system of Ares International Corp. for providing information management to improve the efficiency of its Customs operations.

Ares GIB solution provides all the content of bonded goods for the China Customs, so that all data can be extracted from the ERP system, ensuring the consistency of the enterprise data, lowering the error rate of the data while interacting with the Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) of the Customs. Ares GIB system is one of the few Customs systems that can adapt to the operational needs of large-size import/export manufacturers. The system is highly secure, has a user-friendly interface and flexible structure. Besides, Ares has abundant application experiences.

After launching Ares GIB system, PQI will standardize its Customs information management to reduce the loading of Customs staff and the error rate of operations; thereby controlling the enterprise risk, saving the Customs costs, improving the enterprise image and rating while drastically decrease the operation time during the Customs operations of material import and end-product export. As a result, PQI can realize “one manufacturing base, global marketing” and forge head toward “global IC memory storage professional company”.

One of the world’s top ten memory module makers and flash memory companies, PQI has been established for around ten years, with business area covering DRAM module manufacturing to memory module, flash card, multimedia and disk on module products. PQI’s production scale has also expanded from a 3,100-square-meter production base in Taiwan to an US$30 million-invested, 31,000-square-meter production base in Suzhou, China. The new base that started production in 2003 has become PQI’s major production base for electronic devices such as PC memory, memory card and car reader, with expected annual production value of 1.8 million yuan (about US$261 million yuan).