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CECTEK improves accuracy of inventory check and cost control by using Ares ERP

Do you know who designed vans and pick-up vehicle engines of China Motor Corporation? It is CECTEK. The first launch of CECTEK’s engines was engineered for China Motor Corporation vans and pick-up vehicles in Taiwan. Today, CECTEK provides not only engines of vans, pick-up and multi-purpose vehicles with excellent performance and low emission but also the customized all-round solutions from concept design, detail design, prototyping, powertrain packaging and product certification to batch supply.

CECTEK, located at Taoyuan, Taiwan, is a leading design & manufacturing enterprise of engine components and vehicle matching. CECTEK, with its own engine patent, has the ability to provide engine R&D and manufacturing. CECTEK can provide vehicle enterprises with ODM/OEM engine design, manufacturing, sales and technology R&D. Since the start of its engine business in 1995, CECTEK has been a market leader with over 65% of the engine segment in Taiwan because of its strong performance, low emission and low oil consumption.

Get Rid of Old System. CECTEK decides to design in ERP Management

CECTEK, with an old MIS system, has developed MIS-DOS by itself and can not handle IT requests amid a strong growth and the company has various problems such as inventory check errors and increasing costs. Hence, CECTEK has started to seek for a suitable ERP system early last year. The company approached various ERP companies and evaluated the proposals from each of them. Ares, with its outstanding ERP product and professional consultant team, was chosen by CECTEK.

Different from other companies, which face lots of problems before and after designing in ERP system, CECTEK designed in Ares ERP system very smoothly and successfully. Vehicle business requires absolute safety and emphasizes SOP. Employees are used to running standard production assignments. Therefore, it’s easy for them to follow a new system SOP. Ares ERP is very suitable for the enterprises that strongly request SOP. It’s easy to maintain and update program automatically through a remote access link. The ERP system grants low costs for maintenance but offers high service quality and operation efficiency.

Ares ERP has convenient and flexible operation functions for various requirements

Ares ERP system is the first priority for CECTEK since it has a convenient and flexible operation interface, with characteristics as follows:

  • Personalized menu that can be operated in flow charts
  • On-line notification and approval, email integration
  • Integrate document file management
  • Able to be exported to Excel files
  • Screen columns can be adjusted
  • Flexible search function combination
  • Multi-level safety authorization control

Furthermore, Ares’s professional consultant team can provide customers with design-in application consultation and technical service from database system specialists. We keep importing the most updated information technology and applying that to our existing systems. We have outstanding technologies to help enterprises to reduce IT costs and improve their competitiveness.

In the meantime, Ares has abundant design-in experiences for well-known and publicly-traded companies, has stable operation efficiency of running international mass data and ability to integrate several well-known products (Oracle、SAP、agile、Winchill…). Ares, catering to the needs of various business sectors and providing complete flexibility, brings all users with new technology functions by mastering leading technology competitive advantages.

ERP Design-in Result Exceeds CECTEK Original Expectation

Through Ares’s rigid project management system and abundant ERP design-in experiences, CECTEK’s accuracy of inventory was improved from 60% to 93%, which exceeded its original KPI set up in the beginning of 2006. Since ERP was on line in April 2006, its inventory costs went down to a controllable level. Every department (production control, purchase, finance & accounting and sales) experienced the specific benefit of operation cost down, performance improvement and procedure standardization.

After designing in Ares ERP system, CECTEK has not only solved the old system problems but also evolved to a new operating system successfully. In the meanwhile, the production management efficiency is also improved conspicuously. Unlike same-level ERP enterprises that focus on offering education training and low quotation with a good many functions but without enough integration, Ares can provide enterprises with complete design-in consultation as well as reasonable and customized charge. Enterprises also can choose establishment stage by stage to save costs in one time. Ares’s high-quality service is worth to be recommended.