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e-HouseKeeper celebrates two-year anniversary

The e-HouseKeeper that is co-developed by Ares International Corp. and the Research, Development and Evaluation Commission of Taiwan’s Executive Yuan has been launched for two years.

To better meet the needs of the consumers, e-HouseKeeper has been aggressively integrating convenient services of various institutions and offering new services regularly. In the second year of the service launch, e-HouseKeeper offered various active-alert services to help avoiding missing important payments or application deadlines. In addition, e-HouseKeeper also offers information relating to traveling, daily consumption, entertainment, tax, medical treatment, etc. Meanwhile, the updated e-HouseKeeper allows shared service for the family of the user.

e-HouseKeeper is the first of its kind and an evolutionary service of the government. The service offers a platform to actively deliver daily messages for the user via a messenger-like software. Subscribing necessary services via e-HouseKeeper, the user can immediately receive once and for all personalized message notifications as well as public messages. For personalized messages, e-HouseKeeper started offering message notifications for water and electricity bills as well as parking fees in the first year of service launch. In the second year, e-HouseKeeper rolled out around 30 services such as notifications for income tax (tax refund), the examination district information of the Ministry of Examination, job vacancy match-making of the Bureau of the Employment and Vocational Training (BEVT), vaccine injection for new-born babies, etc.

For public messages, e-HouseKeeper offers abundant entertainment information, amusing tourist spots, considerate health care, daily consumer advice, entertainment topics, etc.

In addition, to serve various groups and offer more convenient methods of usage, e-HouseKeeper not only provides message-receiving functions via e-HouseKeeper software, but also has the PDA version for mobile users. With PDA phone transmission, information can be carried around. For MSN messenger users, e-HouseKeeper also features the alert-subscription service that allows alert for receiving messages when the user is chatting away. In addition, the user can download the e-HouseKeeper Yahoo Widget tool and RSS feeds. The various service channels of e-HouseKeeper can meet your using habits and help you easily receive e-HouseKeeper information.

For more user-friendly interface, the payment message notification of e-HouseKeeper is designed with a visualized interface—using the “calendar” format to display the user’s payment notification while combining the calendar functions of Outlook.

Meanwhile, if the user is on business trips or traveling, e-HouseKeeper will offer synchronic processing and zero-time lag service, so that the user will have no need to worry about delayed payment.