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ARES uPKI makes the safe electronic trade in Genuine dealer block website

In order to settle the problems of nonrepudiation and security in electronic transaction, Genuine has led in ARES uPKI. The powerful transaction platform in which dealers need to be certified and place e-orders through Industry & Commerce and Natural Person Certificate to ensure the nonrepudiation of orders.

Genuine, established in 1988, the top 3 information telecommunication channel agency (listed company at over-the-counter market), acts for over 60 domestic and international well-known brands and Genuine thousands of OBM (Own Branding & Manufacturing) products such as PC system, accessories, business servers, and internet telecommunication. Regionally, there are 3 big distribution centers, 8 sales points, over 7000 service dealers and more than 100 Genuine computer union marketing and service points which supply perfect and all directions logistics nets with much faster, more convenient and more efficient pick-up and delivery service.

Genuine, led PKI in dealers’ websites, has utilized PKI efficiently in internet ordering operation procedure for e-commerce to enhance the nonrepudiation and security while internet ordering.

What is the so-called safe transaction in internet marketing after transforming from entity store marketing? Who can ensure the nonrepudiation and safety in the electronic transaction?

Because of the more and more popular internet marketing and non-entity store marketing, Genuine, as the 3C logistics service industry, is about to provide various electronic trade tool products. Establishing electronic transaction platform is the most important index for incoming service competitiveness. Traditional telephone order taking which is questionable in service, especially in risk and efficiency, can not catch the rapid variation of the electronic transaction circumstances.

The 3C products, acted by Genuine, utilize the web-based integration platform and dealers’ web pages to provide them the functions such as order management, inquiry and electronic account stated. Respecting the transmission and exchange characters in the internet, users require the privacy and security while ripping and transmitting data. And dealers sometimes denied what they had orders on internet. Therefore, Genuine needs a much safer transaction term for dealers and itself.

Genuine decided to be the first to utilize the nonrepudiation of PKI on internet trading to start the electronic commerce.

The electronic commerce treats one to one marketing as the main shaft to provide different service and price for one same item through dealers ID confirmed by PKI to protect the security of price and rights of dealers.

Genuine, having the interior electronic system such as ERP, EC B2B and logistics Distribution, has been ready to have further internet commerce relationship with our dealers. Because this electronic commerce B2B platform integrates the ERP system, it can immediately recognize dealers’ ID and check their credit status which is very important to Genuine. We strengthen the protection and application on one to one ID reorganization, customer level inquiry and price encryption through this leading-in PKI in B2B.

This leading-in favored to enhance the e commerce application efficiency of 3C and the reliability & security of Genuine electronic commerce. In the beginning, leading-in 500 dealers will be the target; 2000 dealers, 4 times as the anticipation, will be the final goal.

Establishment benefit

Most dealers can use electronic price inquiry and electronic order placing to shorten the order placing procedure and enhance the service efficiency; furthermore, the rest of manpower can move to new business operation or other areas.

  • Genuine can provide immediate different dealer price and product information based on different dealers and their sales characters. PKI can help to fulfill one to one market.
  • Other than providing live quotation system, it also greatly increases the safety and security of the product spec information.
  • Enhancing the reliance and reducing the manpower cost between the back and forth communication.
  • Providing e-account stated, reducing the burden of sales representatives, speeding up the handing time for accounts receivable and increasing the security of account stated via PKI.