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Ares assists Taiwan's Full Power to introduce BPM for Vietnam operation

Full Power Joint Stock Company, the first Taiwan-based company that is listed on the stock market of Vietnam, recently introduced Ares AgilePoint BPM for adopting the flexible and resource-abundant software that can support a cross-enterprise group ERP system.

With the professional consultant team and foreign technical assistance from Ares, coupled with Ares experiences and capabilities basing on platform developments, Full Power can easily use the BPM platform as its enterprise core. The AgilePoint BPM development interface is nearly the same as the Virtual Studio, with which Full Power is very familiar. The open component structure lessens the enterprise operation burden, which is the chief consideration when Full Power is making a BPM choice.

From July onwards, the overall performance of Ares AgilePoint BPM has been stable and smooth while its development flexibility meets the expectation of Full Power. The Ares AgilePoint BPM can lessen the burden in authorization, organization setting, management and chart search. The Visio-like design process tool allows Full Power to view front-end development, mid-end setting to back-end usage and searching in the same screen. Therefore, the platform can help reducing the miscommunication between the user and designer/developer or maintenance staff while improving the overall development speed.