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B&Q JV partner Test Rite Group adopts Ares HCP for global human resources management

Test Rite Group, a famous global trading group and joint venture partner of B&Q, signed a contract with Ares International Corp. to introduce HCP (Human Capital Planner) for its two subsidiaries Test Rite Trading and Tong Lung Metal Industry Co. in December 2007 and started implementation in June 2008.

With localized global strategy, Test Right Trading has tens of thousands of suppliers in Asia Pacific, with hundreds of buyers around the world. Via Ares HCP system, Test Rite can improve enterprise operating performance and effectively make use of human resources, thereby aggressively employ and effectively improve the next-century competitiveness for the group.

Both Test Rite Trading and Tong Lung will use Ares HCP to establish global enterprise human resource infrastructure and reduce time difference to rapidly gain accurate and real-time human resource information. As a result, the companies can effectively respond to rapid structural changes and improve staff performance and profitability via integrating management information such as global structural performance and staff output. In the meantime, Ares HCP can help optimizing the staff management process while realizing employee cultivation and education.

Ares HCP supports multi-language, multi-structure, multi-currency, multi-insurance policy, multi-tax policy, etc. Thus, it is especially suitable for global conglomerates such as Test Rite. The system settings include default parameter while also provides necessary information management for the rapid enterprise growth and structural changes. In addition, Ares HCP allows choices between decentralized or centralized management for global human resources process model. Its system authority supports matrix structure, allows integration of the structural costs of a functional or regional basis. The enterprise procedure of Ares HCP also meets the varied management model needs of the HR staff in that it allows using the parameter processing method to launch complicated salary calculation, appraisal, shift duty, etc. It only takes half a day for automatic calculation. Thus, the administrative staff can spend time on more valuable enterprise resource planning, employee training, career planning, welfare, enterprise employee status, etc. The stage-based e-human resource process (ESS/MD) and BI system can offer convenient analysis for managers and HR staff, reflect human resource information and improve employee competitiveness as well as management performance.

Test Rite Group was listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange (TSE) in February, 1993, is the largest professional export company in Taiwan as well as the largest professional trading company in Asia. The group has over 6,600 employees.

Test Rite Group companies: Test Rite Trading, HOLA, B&Q, HOMY Taiwan, Light Up, FREER, MDI, Chung-Cin, B&S LINK, U2id 2000, CoValue, EZSET (Tong Lung).

Introduction of Ares

Ares International Corp. is the first Taiwan-based software company to be listed on the TSE. Established for nearly 30 years, Ares is a professional management information system software provider, with professional areas in product technical R&D and system integration. Ares provides products as well as total solutions for e-enterprise, with major service fields mainly from the financial, government and enterprise sides. Ares has passed the CMMI L3 certification, has outstanding project integration ability, quality guarantee ability, development and maintenance ability and the most complete professional consultancy team. Ares HCP has major advantages in creating better global competitiveness for the enterprise while also providing the optimal IT support and professional consultancy team services. Therefore, it is the best strategic partner of international enterprises.