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On-line Game company Gamania renews GV/NM system with Ares for stable ERP management

Gamania Digital Entertainment Co., a famous on-line game company in Taiwan, has signed the maintenance contract with Ares International Corp. for Oracle GUI/VAT (Government Uniform Invoice/Value Added Tax System) GV and NM (Notes Management) systems (Ares Local Template maintenance service).

The maintenance service items include contract signing maintenance system program upgrade, testing and installation assistance; renewal program document files; contract signing maintenance system problem-shooting and consultancy service.

In the past, Ares has helped Gamania to significantly improve its operational benefits. With the introduction of GV/NM systems, Gamania’s invoice processing operation becomes faster and easier, saving time and manpower. In addition, the data of opening/closing account is easier to manage, the tax data is more accurate while the customized introduction of the operation consultancy service platform can satisfy the customer’s need.

Ares Local Template maintenance service product features random new function alert, quarterly maintenance service user report, the newest application information, program update and mended information. In addition, premium pricing policies such as early bird renewal price is available.

The introduction of GV/NM provided by the Ares Oracle ERP Local Template is a self-developed product solution based on the Oracle ERP system structure. Ares advantage lies in its professional consultancy team, which has helped nearly one hundred large enterprises to successfully adopt the solution; the customers include Gamania, Eastern Television (ETTV), Yahoo, Honeywell, Evergreen Aviation Technologies Corp., Wistron NeWeb Corporation and Liteon Semiconductor Corp.

Established in Taiwan, Gamania has extended its influence to global network including offices in China, Japan and Korea. With rapid sales growth each year, Gamania values more and more on the management benefits of the finance, sales, purchase and inventory sides of the ERP system.