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Ares highlights total solution at Taiwan Manufacturing Industry IT Management and Application Forum

Ares International Corp. drew spotlight at Taiwan Manufacturing Industry IT Management and Application Forum held by DIGITIMES in August 30, 2007, with booth exhibition and total solution for IT management and application.

During the event, Frank Lee, Ares senior sales manager, introduced a new total solution: For those having the center of operation in Taiwan and integrating cross-Taiwan Strait and global business structure, Ares can assists its clients in facing various issues and emergencies regarding R&D, manufacturing, sales, etc. Lee also explained how each IT solution from Ares can effectively improve overall competitiveness.

Ares ciMes – Tap new resources and economize on expense, helping the enterprise to stay updated in monitoring and controlling production management status while improving its yields

Ares CRM – Via scientific report analysis to help the sales force achieving its sales target

Ares HCP – Global human capital deployment and centered management, helping the executive to effectively complete strategic analysis and timely control performance

Ares PLM – Effectively assist production R&D lifecycle management and various production process management

Ares ERP – Offer world-class quality and service to help the enterprise in planning the complete resources

Information Security:
ARES uPKI – Strengthen and protect the security of the Internet exchange information between the enterprise and its clients