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Taiwan High Speed Rail upgrades Ares GV system for rapid improvement of service quality and efficiency

Taiwan High Speed Rail Corporation (THSRC) was recently upgraded to the newest version of Ares Oracle GUI/VAT (GV) system for rapid improvement of service quality and efficiency.

THSRC adopted Ares Oracle GV system in 2005. Satisfied with the stable system functions and technical service offered by Ares, THSRC has decided to upgrade its GV system to the newest version to offer faster and more convenient system service.

For THSRC, Ares offers existing GV product services such as quarterly contacting clients for user feedback and strengthening management functions, regularly sending final reports for question sheets, collecting FAQs, timely responding to customer calls for maintenance service, etc. In addition, Ares keeps developing updated versions according to the new Oracle ERP versions and customer needs.

The upgraded version of Ares GV system mainly features more flexible usage of data structure for the various function needs of customers. Ares also assists THSRC to add new functions including invoice issue upon shipments and search by the key-in staff for input documentary evidence reports.

Ares finishes consulting interviews and customization development operation according to the requirements of THSRC. As such, Ares is able to provide complete service content of the upgraded GV version including product introduction and customization. With the mutual understanding between the two parties, along with the considerate reminders and maintenance service of Ares, the upgrade operation can be complete swiftly, shortening the modification and testing schedule for internal customization programs.

Established for nearly 30 years, Ares is a professional management information system software provider, with professional areas in product technical R&D and system integration. For years, Ares has been providing Oracle IT Solution and professional consulting services, assisting the enterprise to rapidly improve competitiveness. Ares GV system has various best practices and has outstanding performance in international corporations. Ares has a professional consulting team that has served nearly a hundred large enterprises including Gamania, Eastern Television (ETTV), Yahoo, Honeywell, Evergreen Aviation Technologies Corp. Wistron NeWeb Corporation and Liteon Semiconductor Corp.

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