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Manufacturing conglomerate Fu Sheng uses Ares ciMes to track and manage production resume in no time

Fu Sheng Group, a major manufacturing conglomerate in Taiwan, has adopted ciMes (Computer Integrated Manufacturing Execution System) of Ares International Corp. for the manufacturing management platform for its global deployment, with its Taiwan operation recently went live for the system.

Fu Sheng has chosen Ares ciMes for its flexible structure, reasonable pricing and nearby service. Ares ciMes adopts Microsoft .Net technology and platform—the modulized and component-based design dramatically helps lowering customization and maintenance costs, so that Fu Sheng can better maintain the system by itself.

Ares ciMes assists the machinery business unit of Fu Sheng to integrate the production information of its various factories. The web-based user interface and technical structure of Ares ciMes helps Fu Sheng to integrate information at its multiple factories in Taiwan, China and other countries. With realtime record of each process sheet, the group can easily check for problems at the system while sales staff can control the production progress of orders for better customer satisfaction.

With the centralized manufacturing information management center constructed by Ares, Fu Sheng can better provide timely production tracking and WIP (Work in Process) management. In addition, Ares ciMes helps Fu Sheng to reach perfect production control by monitoring the product progress via reports while the group is equipped with tools such as production batch delay alert and emails. As such, production time can be effectively reduced.

Meanwhile, since Ares ciMes is integrated with Fu Sheng's ERP system, the group can drastically reduce production schedule time and manual operation while accurately managing work sheets and increase equipment utilization rate.

In fact, Ares creates a realtime production manufacturing management platform for Fu Sheng. The platform features complete functions and modules including the WIP module, MMS (Material Management System) module, CMS (Carrier Management System) module, Tooling module and SLM (Shipping Label Management) module.

Established in 1953, Fu Sheng is a multi-business manufacturing maker with three major business units: machinery, sports equipment and electronics. Its products range from air compressor, refrigerant compressor to golf club. Fu Sheng has subsidiaries in Hong Kong and the US, with branch offices located in Thailand and Malaysia while production sites are set in China, Vietnam, etc.

In the future, Ares will help implementing the ciMes solution at Fu Sheng's plant in Shanghai, China, which will be followed by a final implementation of the system at Fu Sheng's global machinery operation.

Introduction of Ares

Ares International Corp. has been established for nearly 30 years, providing professional manufacturing management information system software and specializes in developing product technologies and system integration. Ares has earned a strong foothold in the Computer Integrated Manufacturing (MIS) and MES areas for ten years, offering high-quality information service and has passed the CMMI L3 certification. Ares has strong project integration management ability, quality assurance ability, development and maintenance ability as well as the most complete consultant team. Ares ciMes solution has complete functions and modules while featuring advantages such as “flexible structure”, “reasonable pricing” and “nearby service”. Existing clients include AU Optronics (AUO), Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, King Yuan Electronics (KYEC), Grace Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation (GSMC), Powerchip Semiconductor Corp. (PSC), Vanguard International Semiconductor Corporation (VIS), etc. Ares has earned abundant factory experiences when serving its clients. In addition, with strengths in areas such as ERP, eHR and BI, Ares fully considers the integration of each information system of its clients when introducing ciMes.