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Ares holds SWIFT for Corporates breakfast gathering

Ares International Corp., the only regional partner of SWIFT in Taiwan, held a breakfast gathering with SWIFT and HSBC on October 23, introducing the SWIFT for Corporates solution to Taiwan-based enterprises trading with multiple banks and need messages that are secure and standardized.

The event kicked off with welcoming speeches of Frank Lin, president of Ares, and Richard Jaggard, head of sales, global payments and cash management, Asia-Pacific, HSBC.

Caroline Lacocque, Regional Manager, Corporate Connectivity, introduced the SWIFT Corporate Connectivity solution. With a background introduction of SWIFT and the role of finance system in the enterprise, Lacocque illustrated that the current enterprise finance system is becoming all the more transparent and the enterprise needs more reliable and realtime information. Lacocque indicated that enterprises weathering through the financial crisis especially need a single and secure interface to deal with banks for interactions. Lacocque highlighted how SWIFT for Corporates can help large-size enterprises immediately communicate with banks and simplify fund operation flow when using funds.

Albert Lin, VP of Business Development, Global Payments and Cash Management, Asia Pacific, HSBC, presented the fund management solution that HSBC offers under the SWIFT Corporate Connectivity structure. Lin analyzed the current fund management requirements of globalized enterprises and introduced HSBC fund management service under the SWIFT Corporate Connectivity solution. Lin ended his presentation with HSBC best practices for more real-case scenario information.

Sabrina Chang, SWIFT product manager of Ares, ended the keynote sessions with Ares angle of SWIFT for Corporates. Chang highlighted that Ares offers Ares Corp Adapter solution can be connected to the enterprise ERP and finance systems and offer SWIFT services such as fund deployment and management, batch account transfer and L/C. With Ares Corp Adaptor, the enterprise can be closely connected on the SWIFT platform with bank services. The enterprise can standardize its process flow, improve headquarter fund deployment ability as well as enjoying automatic and standardized payment process, automatic check sheet and message check as well as electronic management of L/C.

The event came to an end with heated discussion of the SWIFT for Corporate solution and Ares Corp Adaptor solution.

About Ares promoting SWIFT

SWIFT is a co-operative established by and for the global financial industry in 1973. SWIFT provides secure and standard financial messaging services and interfaces for 8,141 financial institutions in 207 countries.

Ares International Corp. has strived for the SWIFT-related implementations and all the SWIFT standards while cooperating with SWIFT closely. In 2002, Ares became SWIFT Business Partner and was certificated as the SWIFT Service Partner in 2003. Ares provides Taiwan-based financial institutions with professional consultant services, including the installation of SWIFT Products, the planning and implementation of hobbing for overseas branches, the planning of disaster backup, and so on. With abundant SWIFT experiences and professional knowledge, Ares has developed solutions including SWIFT Messages Integration, Funds Automation solution, Global Cash Reporting solution, and so on. Ares has assisted over 80% of banks in Taiwan in implementing, maintaining and upgrading SWIFT infrastructure. In 2008, Ares became the only SWIFT Regional Partner in Taiwan and its professional service is proven to be SWIFT Ready Service.

Introduction of Ares

Ares International Corp. is the first Taiwan-based software company to be listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange (TSE). Established for nearly 30 years, Ares is a professional management information system software provider, with professional areas in product technical R&D and system integration. Ares provides products as well as total solutions for e-enterprise, with major service fields mainly for the financial, government and enterprise sides. Ares has passed the CMMI L3 certification, has outstanding project integration ability, quality guarantee ability, development and maintenance ability and the most complete professional consultancy team.