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Ares Secure Message Delivery System enables secure salary delivery

Ares has launched Secure Message Delivery System (SMDS) based on PKI technology to assist the enterprise to deliver massive confidential data immediately and SMDS can be integrated with existing human resource salary system and deliver encrypted salary slips.

"It used to take half a day to finish printing and delivering salary slips of 300 employees. With Ares SMDS, it takes less than 30 minutes to finish file encryption and delivery, saving considerable printing and manual delivery costs," an executive of one of Ares' SMDS customers indicated.

Customers of Ares Human Capital Planner (HCP) such as KPMG accounting firm and Asustek have already introduced Ares SMDS and deliver their encrypted electronic salary slips each month. Employees can access to individual salary detail by clicking on their electronic salary clip attached to the email sent to their account.

Ares SMDS supports file formats such as MS Word, Excel, PDF and eml. The user can opt for traditional password or PKI encryption while Ares SMDS will automatically process all message encryption delivery processes.

Consequently, the enterprise can save printing costs, manpower and time while achieving a quicker and more secure message delivery for enterprise application systems such as human resources, salary and accounting systems.

Introduction of Ares

Ares International Corp. is the first Taiwan-based software company to be listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange (TSE). Established for nearly 30 years, Ares is a professional management information system software provider, with professional areas in product technical R&D and system integration. Ares is dedicated to developing PKI information security and offers total solution for enterprise security protection, providing SMDS, ARES uPKI Kits security control system, ARES uIAM identity and access control system, ARES uPKI Access Control Box (ACB), SecureDOC document protection system, Crypto Server file encryption/decryption server, uPKI Key file encryption/decryption solution, ARES One Time Password (OTP) solution, etc. Any web or client-server application can be PKI enabled for a more secure enterprise system environment.