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Ares Best E-Services Export of Taiwan Brings Successful Global Manufacturing Service Integration

The Ares “Best E-Services Export of Taiwan” team, led by Ares International Corp. and comprising of five information service companies, recently announced its achievements for the past two years at the Best E-Services Export of Taiwan result and exchange meeting held by the Industrial Development Bureau (IDB) of Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA). The “Global Manufacturing Services”, in which Ares is a participant, not only had significant results in China, but has also entered the Vietnam market. For over two years, an export amount of NT$400 million (about US$12.3 million) is created.

IDB started promoting “Best E-Services Export of Taiwan” in 2005, selecting large-scale companies with competitive edges and strong growth potentials in the information service solution field, integrating “fleet members” that complement their core abilities. Using vertical and horizontal models, integrating complementary information service providers or players in other industries to form an information conglomerate of service professional divisions of labor as well as partnership, so that internationalization can be achieved. Ares “Best E-Services Export of Taiwan” is the first-phase pioneering company for the project, integrating eAI Technologies Inc., Powerful Information Corp., Alltop Computer, Argo Technology Inc. and M-Power Information Co., LTD. to form the “ARES Global Manufacturing Services”. Initially, the focus will be providing solutions for Taiwan-based companies in China as well as Taiwan-invested enterprise in South-East Asia. In the future, the project will cover international markets such as Europe and the US in following the steps of Taiwanese companies in globalization.

Ares “Best E-Services Export of Taiwan” project is the only solution in Taiwan that is especially designed for the need of global deployment management by the manufacturing industry. To cater to the “ARES Global Manufacturing Services”, Ares has developed a business model with a set of innovative software services. That is, the project bases on the characteristic of the software industry in designing in project development or designing products before customization and transform that into offering consulting and designing in services for a complete process based on component combinations. During the duration of the project, Ares has developed cross-industry components while using global manufacturing service industry as the implementation case to establish unique components of global manufacturing service. As a result, the components can reach the maximum parameterization and improve the reuse rate of information technologies. In the future, the components can be used in all industries. As well, componentized concepts can be combined into the processes of an enterprise, strengthening the unique business model of each enterprise to establish a global system. Using the strength of a system to improve the completeness can therefore be achieved.

The innovative model of Ares has won verification in China. Ares has not only earned support from Taiwanese companies in China, but also from local, Hong Kong-based and foreign companies, including famous enterprises such as Truly Semiconductors Ltd., the largest small-size panel maker in China, SVA Group, Hangzhou Silan Integrated Circuit Co.,Ltd., Fiberxon, Inc. and L’Oreal. Besides focusing on the originally targeted markets, Yangtze River triangle area and the Bead triangle area, Ares also expands into Northern China and Sichuan while offering supporting team to assist fleet member Alltop Computer in developing new markets in Huhhot, Inner Mongolia, so that Alltop has become the pioneer of the Huhhot Industrial Area.

With “ARES Global Manufacturing Information Services”, Ares can successfully apply the service mechanism and partnership model in China into a China-based headquarter for “The Best E-Services Export of Taiwan”. Ares plans to use Suzhou as the hub for Taiwan’s software industry, assisting Taiwan-based information service providers in expanding their foreign markets. In the future, Ares will copy the model in Suzhou to Shanghai and Guangzhou, and further to Vietnam. The company will gradually establish a global channel with its base in Taiwan.