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Ares assists iBaby of Taiwan government win government Service Quality Award

Ares International Corp. of Taiwan recently saw the iBaby of Ministry of Health and Welfare in Taiwan it has helped constructed honored with Service Planning Agencies of 8th Government Service Quality Award by National Development Council. There are 168 agencies, 107 first-line service agencies and 61 service- planning agencies; additionally, only 30 agencies won the award after Preliminary review and final review.

iBaby is planned as a platform that provides one-stop service for citizens. This system delivers a series of information that includes marriage, pregnancy, childbirth, age at 0 to 6, and age at 6 to 18 on welfare and health education to assist novice parents to cope with problems at different periods. The system also collects all service information provided by local government and offers citizens an opportunity to utilize e-map for subsidies the local government could provide. Then, newlyweds or novice parents could realize their rights regarding the condition to subsidy application, how much they could raise application, and the effective duration.

Apart from welfare and health education, the system will automatically send “notification of pregnancy test” and “vaccination for newborn babies” when citizens are members of iBaby and provide information such as the estimated date of childbirth or date of birth to newborn. Citizens could receive notifications for “Status of IC Card of National Health Insurance application for newborn babies” and “Status of Birth Allowances of Labor Insurance or National Pension Program” with newsletter subscription. In addition, to serve new migrators, the website provides content in Vietnamese with convenient service to Vietnamese users.

iBaby will provide other new services on searching application of welfare benefits such as subsidies for babysitter and child care subsidies for unemployed parents in the future. With regard to other welfare to newborns, citizens can utilize iBaby one-stop service system to achieve members’ application on their need. You are welcome to take advantage of it.

Introduction of ARES

ARES International Corp. is the first public software company in Taiwan. ARES has earned accumulative experience more than 35 years in the field of information and system integration. ARES has a great contribution to Informatization for government, finance, and industrial and commercial enterprises, and insists on quality of service. ARES has also received recognition for professional service of Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs for IT-3.

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