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Ares document protection product ARES PP is Microsoft certified

ARES Privacy Protector (ARES PP), a document protection product developed by Ares International Corp., was recently awarded Microsoft Gold Certified Partner.

According to product manager James Ju, ARES PP provides complete document protection in life cycle from establishment, revision, delivery to cancellation. The product can help enterprises to effectively prevent hackers and Trojan Horse virus from stealing intellectual properties, ensuring safety of data and documents.

More importantly, users need not change their habits: completed documents will not need agent installation for file protection. Offline document can be controlled as well while stamp and detailed audit record are available. ARES PP; therefore, is the best tool for enterprise to set up prevention and correction measures.

ARES PP has been used by major university, government department, and enterprise customers. It can help enterprises to be highly protected and easily follow Taiwan's Computer-Processed Personal Data Protection Law. Relying on professional product technique, rich experience in system introduction, and confirmation by Microsoft, the combination of ARES PP and Microsoft certificate will be the best team to protect privacy.

Introduction to Ares

Ares has provided professional services for over 30 years and is the first Taiwan-based software company to be listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange (TSE). Ares is a professional manufacturing management information system provider, with the largest share in the MES industry of Taiwan, the first government-acknowledged IFRS ERP solution provider. Ares is also the top player of the Taiwan foreign exchange and core banking solution company and SWIFT partner, while being the first Oracle partner in Taiwan.