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Ares core banking system eAresBank mentioned in recent Gartner report

eAresBank, the core banking system of Ares International Corp., has been listed in a recent report by Gartner, Inc. ”A Banker's Guide to Asian Core Banking Solutions.”(Note)Ares is the only local enterprise listed in the report . We believe it is evident that Ares is a company with global perspective and quality!

Introduction to eAresBank

eAresBank international finance integration system integrates the needs of international financing business and the functions of commercial banks, uses on-line real-time operation model and integrates retail & wholesale banking. As well, the solution can be linked to the global connection system of SWIFT.

eAresBank has complete functions while its stable and strong system integration simplifies the operation process, enabling the bank to rapidly gain strategic information and bring stronger international competitive edge.

(Note)Gartner, ”A Banker's Guide to Asian Core Banking Solutions” Ethan Wang et al, 31 July 2014

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Introduction to Ares

Ares has provided professional services for over 30 years and is the first Taiwan-based software company to be listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange (TSE). Ares is a professional manufacturing management information system provider, with the largest share in the MES industry of Taiwan, the first government-acknowledged IFRS ERP solution provider. Ares is also the top player of the Taiwan foreign exchange and core banking solution company and SWIFT partner, while being the first Oracle partner in Taiwan.

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