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Ares eGUI provides comprehensive e-invoice generation

To cope with Taiwanese enterprise electronic invoice implementation time schedule and reduce internal costs, Ares International Corp. provides eGUI (e-Government Uniform Invoice), which leads enterprise to start electronic invoice generation to reach “4 savings”: time, manpower, costs, and paper. Electronic invoices not only can protect individual′s electronic consumer rights, but also save social costs and promote the convenience of economic entity.

Ares President Frank Lin stated: electronic invoice will assist enterprise to reduce tax costs, through internet platform automation and transparent process, to save manpower and increase process efficiency as well as accuracy. Ares eGUI is a resource-sharing system that can directly make validation online, saving the time for sending documents back and forth, which improves tax department’s review mechanism efficiency.

Ares e-Government Uniform Invoice structure

Caption: Ares e-Government Uniform Invoice structure

Ares sales manager Frank Lee said: Ares eGUI can effectively make B2B and B2C eGUI integration management easier, while assisting enterprise to achieve energy conservation, practice environmental protection and corporate social responsibility. eGUI combines procedures and internet platform including input, output invoice and other actions, along with automation and transparent intelligent management mechanism, to satisfy enterprise′s diverse needs and concerns on eGUI management. Computerization implementation saves huge amount of manpower and time, information paperless also reduces paper material costs, certainly is an important advantage for enterprise expansion and development.

As e-industry continues to grow, Ministry of Finance in Taiwan actively promotes electronic invoices for environmental protection and intelligent living. Recently, the regulation to activate comprehensive electronic invoice has been approved, thus computer invoice will be completely terminated in 2018.

Complete e-invoice generation will be activated in 2018

Caption: Complete e-invoice generation will be activated in 2018

Before 2016/6/30 Complete use of uniform invoice
From 2017/1/1 Terminate approval of enterprise using computer invoice
From 2018/1/1 Computer invoice completely terminated

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