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Ares donates system to assist Lifeline Association for suicide prevention

Ares International Corp. recently subsidized Taipei Lifeline Association to build a lifeline system for an all-around suicide prevention networking and also advance suicide prevention efforts.

Kai Chu, Director General of Taipei Lifeline Accusation, presents the certificate to Harry Yu, Chairman of Ares

Kai Chu, Director General of Taipei Lifeline Accusation, presents the certificate to Harry Yu, Chairman of Ares

Taipei Lifeline Association has long devoted to life care and psychological counseling services for life support and suicide prevention with phone communication, which strengthens help seekers with company and takes care of Taiwanese mental health.

Harry Yu, chairman of Ares, said that to appreciate the 50-year help of Taipei Lifeline Association to accompany help seekers having breakdowns in Taiwan, the purpose of mobile lifeline system establishment with social network services such as LINE and Facebook is to fit mass communication use habits. Therefore, a more diverse notification mechanism, besides telephone call, came out for these seekers stumbling across the edge of life.

Ares always well implements its corporate responsibility for making social care in practice. In addition to supporting the Aid For Children plan of Taiwan Fund For Children and Families for a long time, it regularly donates invoices to The First Social Welfare Foundation. With its effort in response to social enterprise responsibility, Ares expects that charity and donation from enterprises to kick in and lead to a rise in the whole society.

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